A lot is discussed about car maintenance because it can be a significant cash saver. A normal car repair bill easily reaches to hundreds. So, if you learn to handle a few common repair problems under the DIY project, a lot of dollars can be saved. If you are not a DIY type, then take help from professional car technicians and mechanics.

Loose fuel caps

When check engine light blinks, the reasons can be because of fuel efficiency loss and the spread of diesel smell inside the car. This is an easy fix! In seconds, you can check the fuel cap and seal it properly. If you cannot hear pressured air hiss and the gas smell inside the car does not vanish then it is time to purchase a new fuel cap.

Catalytic converter replacement

It is an exhaust system’s component, which is liable to neutralize hazardous compounds like carbon monoxide. This helps to increase performance and gas mileage. These are designed for a long lifespan but other component issues in the exhaust system can trigger a breakdown of the catalytic converter. You can take help from mechanics at Greg’s Japanese Auto repair shop. The technicians are experienced in decoding car language.

Oxygen sensor replacements

The oxygen sensor is crucial for your car’s exhaust system. It detects the oxygen that is not combusted or there is a buildup of carbon along with other deposits. Symptoms can be jerky acceleration, rough engine sound while idling, loss of fuel efficiency, and rotten egg smell. Invest in new suitable sensors and check car manufacturers manual and replace the oxygen sensors.

Spark plug replacement

The spark plug is suffering, when you find it hard to start a car or engine does not smoothly idle. You can change them easily but ensure not to over tighten the shiny spark plugs. This can prevent spark plugs from properly firing.

Thermostat replacement

Thermostat measures engine temperature used by a computer in the car to regulate performance. When the engine gets heated, the thermostat activates the coolant flow. A faulty thermostat will hamper the car performance, so never wait for a total engine failure, but get it replaced soon!

Ignition coil replacement

Faulty spark plugs are not the only cause of ignition system issues. You can experience shaking or spluttering engine and less acceleration power. It powers the spark plug and can fail on its own or gets damaged with water entering inside or due to worn spark plugs.

Mass airflow sensor, EVAP Purge Control Valve, EGR valve, etc. is some common car repairs to be considered.

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